Following the completion of my PhD in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sydney in 2015, I have recently taken up a position as Junior Research Fellow in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at Durham University. You can read about the work I am doing there on my research page.

 Interestingly enough, this photo was taken in Sydney long before I had applied to a job in England. I just like flat caps.

Interestingly enough, this photo was taken in Sydney long before I had applied to a job in England. I just like flat caps.

I have lived and studied in Sydney for the first 31 years of my life, and my fierce regard for my city notwithstanding, I am looking forward greatly to my move to Northern England. The promising horizons that come into view with this move include having fascinating discussions with new colleagues over dinner concerning various matters philosophical, historical, and poetic, historical walks around English cities, foraging for wild food in the forests, whiskey tours in Scotland, small-brewery cider of hitherto unimaginable potency, buying clothes that actually fit me in Holland, and hopefully the occasional opportunity for a ramble around the now significantly closer lands of Europe.

Interesting conversational partners may find themselves fortunate enough to enjoy the company of the two loves of my life: my wife, Latoya, and my cat, Fish. (Why call a cat 'Fish'? Because she is a cat.) In addition to the immeasurable support emotional, aesthetic, and material she has offered me, Latoya is most publicly treasured by me for igniting my interest of Australian history, her own area of expertise. And sharing her love of this history is also her career.

Fish, in a mode Heraclitean, in both her two-tone appearance and split personality, reminds me of the many oppositions that define us all. But mostly she reminds me constantly that she is hungry.

In addition to my interests in philosophy, I am also a cinephile of some degree, and you can follow my exhaustive (and reductive) rankings of every movie I have ever seen on my IMDB page, and I note particularly my love of genre movies (particularly Westerns and Musicals) and the films of Wes Anderson. Although this one may be my favourite. I'm also a bit of a beer enthusiast, with a penchant for dark ales of all varieties - my current all time favourite beer being a Mornington Peninsula Scottish Ale (which, unfortunately, only had a limited run). My musical interests are predominantly in classic rock and delta blues. The undeniably greatest rock band in history is Led Zeppelin. Maybe the Rolling Stones. But all thanks to Robert Johnson. And although I predominantly read philosophy for work and play these days, I am quite partial to the writing of Cormac McCarthy, J. M. Coetzee, George Orwell, Hermann Hesse, and P. G. Wodehouse, the last of whom my wife and I read aloud before bed most nights.